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Solar Leads

Convert building permits into solar customers

Building permits are a goldmine for solar installers, but navigating through municipal websites is inefficient. Builty's database of nationwide building permit data provides targeted leads at your fingertips, to help you close more deals quickly.

Why choose Builty's permit data


Focus on high-potential projects

Identify homeowners undertaking projects that indicate a high interest in solar power, like new construction, roof replacements, pool installations, and EV charger permits.


Enriched data for personalized outreach

Go beyond basic permit information. Builty provides homeowner contact details, allowing you to tailor your message and connect directly with qualified leads.


Actionable insights, faster sales

Spend less time prospecting and more time closing deals. Builty's data empowers you to quickly identify, target, and connect with homeowners most likely to convert.

Identify your next solar customer:
Builty targeted lists

      Roofing permits

33% of homeowners choose to add solar panels during a roof replacement, highlighting the prime opportunity this presents.

      Electrical usage increase

Electrical system upgrades, pool and EV charge installations increase energy consumption, making solar a compelling solution.

      New construction

60% of new home builders now offer solar as an option to buyers. In California, solar panels are mandatory for new homes and ADUs.

      Existing solar systems

Battery storage, system maintenance, and upgrades open doors to upselling opportunities on existing solar installs.

Craft compelling campaigns:
enriched homeowner information for multi-channel outreach

Our data goes beyond basic permits, providing verified contact information to fuel your personalized outreach efforts









Ready to try our data?

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